Forest Valley Academy

State-of-the-art, professional training on climate innovation and regenerative strategies

We design, organise and run professional training courses on climate skills: how to address the climate crisis at the business and policy level, and manage the transition toward circular business models by leveraging the expertise of our network.

Professional Courses: discover how to lead a climate positive world

Our courses are specifically designed to train managers and entrepreneurs. We target SMEs and aim at supporting them in understanding and leveraging the opportunities of the circular economy. Our solutions are fully flexible: you will be able to select the classes that best suits your business challenges and customise them according to your industry verticals. Please find below some of the topics covered in our programs:

  • Introduction to the circular economy and a climate positive world

  • How production systems are evolving: from dry factories to inustral symbiosis and biobased production

  • Circular distribution and business models: servitisation and efficiency

  • A new user experience perspective when clients become your partners

  • Certificates and assessments, for companies, services and products

  • Communicating circularity: marketing and sales in the regenerative economy

  • Jobs and internal learning: framing a new zero-waste mindset

  • The digital layer enabling the circular economy: tracing, material libraries, open-source solutions and more

  • Business models and design thinking tools for systemic change management

Collaborative learning sessions: co-create your regenerative business

  • Systemic Design Thinking Workshop (online or in presence)

  • Future industry visions brainstorming

  • Cross-sector partnerships exploration

  • Meet the industry expert

On demand master courses

Our master course on climate positive business is under construction, if you have specific requests, get in touch with us!

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