Forest Summit

The ultimate gathering in the quest for a common path to climate innovation

The Forest Summit is a goal-focused series of small international events with industry leaders, scientists, public administrators and lawmakers where participants are prompted to share thoughts and build an effective coalition leading next-stage climate innovation.

A curated set of mini-events

Forest Summit is a series of Think Tank Global Events  to gather innovators, legislators, industry leaders to share knowledge and practical solutions to tackle climate challenges.

  • 100% virtual event

  • Operate with layered format that adapts to a different theme every 2 months

  • All participants are pre-selected and based on invite-only

  • Match-makes stakeholders, curates topics and facilitates co-creation sessions

  • Touch the hottest and most relevant topics for climate innovation ecosystem

  • Enables continuum of all participants after the summit

Layered format

  • Curated participants: every participant is "invited to speak"

  • Webinar: Education around a central topic or problem

  • Break out: Facilitated discussion and co-creation

  • Matchmaking: Personal introductions

Concrete outputs for climate innovation

The outcome of each event is solutions, initiatives and projects to be run by participants after the event:

  • Participants can form smaller project groups around the solutions or initiatives that they are personally interested in

  • Participants’ contributions can be defined by themselves

  • FV provides the platform and framework for follow up and milestone tracking

get involved!

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