Forest Accelerator

The Most Exciting Accelerator for Climate Innovation

A shift towards an entirely sustainable society requires the systemic reshaping of the role of businesses and the reimagining of how value is created and measured. The Forest Accelerator is where we designed it to happen.

Our Role in Climate Innovation? We Match Real Problems to Real Innovators

To founders and startups, you are our heroes. And we believe it is the most helpful to bring you as close to the market as we possibly can. In Forest Valley Accelerator, we will match you with real clients and guide you through each step until you’re mature enough to take on the world’s biggest challenge: preserving our planet.

To corporations and brands, you are the engines of change. We see environmental sustainability as a tremendous opportunity to disrupt yourself from the inside before you get disrupted from the outside. We will match you with a select batch of innovators and translate climate invention into real-world solutions.

The Power of Forest Valley Ecosystem

We are not your average accelerator. We understand the complexity and systemic nature of environmental challenges - but we also understand how to bring an early-stage solution to meet the needs of real clients.

Combining the best of both worlds, we leverage our ecosystem of environmental experts, innovators, corporates and investors to not only help you, but to commit and share the risk and learnings of your journey.

Join our vision in co-creating the world’s largest climate innovation cluster!

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