Why we do this

There is urgent need for massive climate innovation at a global level

Humanity is strongly influencing environmental changes, thus undermining our economy and society.

Unfortunately, the option of changing peoples' habits to reverse environmental trends is not sufficient in the short run, and still would not be enough to prevent the foreseen devastating consequences.

Climate innovation today is scattered and Europe needs a catalyst to boost it.

There are strong on-going efforts for climate innovation inside the European space. Unfortunately long term goals are not always matched by the speed of public and private actors in providing a coordinated short and medium term response.

Siloed problem solving, overlapping effort and high threshold to participate for players at all levels is slowing our response to the need for immediate action.

For corporates

It is difficult to embrace climate innovation because it requires placing climate solutions at the core of the business strategy.

For public institutions

It is difficult to face global challenges with limited startup-like resources: limited capital, testing capability, lack of network and complexity to attract high level talents

For innovators

It is difficult to face global challenges with limited startup-like resources: limited capital, testing capability, lack of network and complexity to attract high level talents

We act to have impact

Our solution is tackling the problem by innovating industries that produce goods and services, making our economy regenerative by design.

We believe that promoting technological, social and cultural change is the way to mitigate the negative climate trend, while enabling large scale improvement in freedom from poverty and inequality.

Our manifesto

1. An ultimate vision for a nature-led anthropocene is urgent.

We embrace the past hundred years of human centered evolution, but envision and strive for a future where the natural ecosystems intelligence pioneers human progress.

2. Standard, siloed and linear are doomed.

We welcome the leveraging of abundance versus the exploitation of scarcity. We catalyse connection over separation. We hail the regeneration of natural capital and reject the concept of externality.

3. Systems are complex, and there is no other way around.

Our world is dynamic, interconnected and ever evolving. We navigate complexity through iterations and mapping, through testing and feedback.

4. The future is to be shaped by coopetition and open source.

We pledge to counterbalance the harmful excess of competition through a judicious mixture of cooperation within natural, industrial and social systems, as well as through a shared access to knowledge.

5. Systemic emergence will topple down emergency-based systems.

A 50-year long failure at tackling environmental issues has triggered an emotional, disordered reaction to the looming breakdown. Our work is, therefore, devoted to the emergence of opportunities for a lasting climate innovation through the fostering of decentralised and distributed ecosystems where all actors are prompted to interact and contribute.

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