Welcome to Europe's leading ecosystem of climate innovation.

We bring founders, scientists, corporates and public authorities together from all over the world to match ideas with action, connections to collaboration and problems to solutions.

Meet experts in climate innovation

From circular design to renewable energy, our ecosystem is full of active members from the a-z of industries, with deep understanding of the systemic nature of environmental challenges.

Meet experts who can turn ideas into reality

Ideas aren’t worth much if they don’t have real-world validation. Our partners come with a track record of bringing concepts to market, circular strategy, productizing and venture building.

Connect, learn, do

You are invited! Join our diverse set of co-learning and co-creation sessions designed by experts across disciplines. We’ll include you in our dialogues and challenge you to rethink the world around us.

We already know why - the real question is how.


We Curate

the latest and most discussion-worthy content from the world’s recognized experts, leaders, thinkers and doers.

Discover our articles and podcast episodes, and join the conversation!

Road to Forest Valley

We Co-learn

co-design, co-curate and co-teach professional courses on climate skills together with our experts: how to transit towards the Circular Economy as an individual, business or policy maker.

Discover Forest Valley Academy and learn how you can get involved!

I want to know more

We Challenge

You - alongside leaders, scientists, policy makers, students and innovators in our unique series of climate dialogues to think outside your bubbles. Every participant is invited to speak. And the program? You are part of it.

Forest Valley Summit is currently an invite-only series. Get to know the team and get your invite!

Challenge accepted!

We Co-create

together with founders, startups, corporates and industry experts by matching real problems to real solutions, helping businesses become drivers in accelerating environmental sustainability.

Forest Valley Accelerator is getting ready to launch soon! We are reserving seats for the wait list - shall we save one for you?

Yes, please!

Our vision is to become the Valley of Climate Innovators, an ecosystem where we all have a crucial role to play.

Meet the faces behind this vision

We all come from different backgrounds and industries, combining our forces on this shared journey.

Massimiliano Tiana

Anthony Swain

Lu Ying

Alice Casiraghi

Serena Rebecca Moro

Paolo Meola

Giulia Marsaglia

Enzo Savelli

Simone Prato

Robin Lim

Stefano Origlia

get involved!

Are you a company willing to innovate? Are you a startup looking for real business opportunities? Are you an expert willing to contribute to the cause?
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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